What is it?

Solution architecture is either:

  • Documentation describing the structure and behavior of a solution to a problem, or
  • A process for describing a solution and the work to deliver it.

Typical architecture domains are:

  • Business architecture
  • Data architecture
  • Application architecture
  • Technical architecture

Where we can help?

  • Pre-inception and Inception phase: Work with business analysts to analyze and help determine the cost of design and implementation which can further help the company in determining how to further initiate the project.
  • Elaboration part-I: understand system requirement and come up with detailed analysis specification and other analytical artifacts.
  • Elaboration part-II: Work with the team to transform the analysis artifacts to come up with optimal system design using various patterns and object oriented methodology.
  • Construction part-I: Further mapping of the design artifacts with cutting edge patterns and industry frameworks.
  • Construction part-II: Guide the software development team to use the technical design and implement the solution with proven and latest technology.
  • Transition: work closely with qa and deployment teams to create the deployment plans.

How do we do it?

  • Our existing experience in process management and solution architecture helps in understanding the problem, creating solutions and translating it to various teams.
  • We invest heavily in UML 2.0 to create software diagrams like class, sequence, collaboration, deployment, activity etc.
  • We invest time to research technology and framework such as SOA, Hybernate etc. and other industry patterns and align them with clients scenario
  • We also invest time to evaluate latest technology which will be optimal for implementation
  • We work closely with all teams so the design created is smoothly translated to all teams. Our objective is not to enforce the design by any means but just to make the transition easy across multiple teams.