Custom Application

With the rapid adoption of software in the enterprise, numerous pre-packaged software solutions have been created by software vendors to address standard business requirements. Businesses however tend to have very unique processes and methodologies which are not adequately addressed by these standard solutions.

Using a business driven approach we work with clients to develop and deploy customized applications that meet their exact requirements and seamlessly integrate into their operations.

With a multifaceted team of experts, we can take you from concept to deployment in the quickest and most cost effective manner. Your customized solution will be crafted to provide the most intuitive user experience while utilizing the latest technologies under the hood.

Java Development
.NET Development
Custom Open Source Solutions

Product Engineering

At Cassiopeiatech our team of analysts possesses the right combination of technology expertise and multi-domain experience to architect an optimal software solution tailored to your specific requirements.

We understand that unlike customized applications, a software product requires greater flexibility for diverse operating environments, intuitive user interface for wider adoption and a rich feature set for competitive edge. The quality assurance requirements for software product engineering also need to meet the highest industry standard benchmarks.

Based on this understanding we provide whole range of services to cover the complete development cycle of a software product, from product definition and development to rigorous testing, deployment and support.

Software Migration

Equipped with state of the art technology experience, Cassiopeiatech is very well positioned to assist our customers in their migration needs.

In today's rapidly evolving technology environment, enterprises and software OEMs are under immense pressure to adapt and evolve. Whether it is for leveraging new and cost efficient technologies or for addressing growing business needs, enterprises constantly need software migration services.

Software vendors on the other hand need to deal with the growing number of platforms and operating environments to remain competitive and meet customer demands.

Equipped with state of the art technology experience, Cassiopeiatech is very well positioned to assist such customers in their migration needs. Upon engaging with us, our team will perform a thorough evaluation of your current system and provide the most cost effective migration while meeting highest quality standards.

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