Java Development

Cassiopeiatech develops robust and secure Java Web Applications, using AJAX, XHTML, XML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, JSF, JSTL, Struts, Spring, Hibernate and EJB3.

Areas of Expertise

Document Management Systems-Many companies use solutions for document management to store, manage, edit, or distribute a large number of various business documents. Cassiopeiatech has developed various custom document management systems for several different businesses. Document management solutions may be incorporated into complex enterprise management systems or simply serve as separate solution dealing only with electronic documents.

Workflow Management Systems-Another area of custom solution development in which Cassiopeiatech has expertise is the development of workflow management systems. These systems can be of great help to organizations where step-by-step tasks are carried out by different workers, making document routing essential. Workflow automation ensures that electronic records are directed to the right people responsible for handling them. Cassiopeiatech's team can also integrate new workflow management solutions into existing software applications.

Enterprise Application Integration-Today, companies rely on many different enterprise applications that may need to be coordinated with each other to ensure maximum efficiency. Integrating various software solutions is not an easy task, but Cassiopeiatech team has plenty of cross-platform technical experience necessary to connect or consolidate different existing solutions. When it comes to EAI, we can analyze the companies' individual needs and propose a possible custom middleware solution that would best meet your requirements.

Case Studies