Using Rational Unified Process Methodology in everyday practice, we are consistently successful in managing IT projects, from initial requirements to fully tested and documented products. For time & material projects Agile based work style is also used.

Agile Project Management

Also known as “scrum,” this methodology is completely different from the others. In other methodologies, the method itself determined how the program was to be made. For example, rapid application development focused on making the program quickly, while the spiral method focused on going through the four quadrants.

In agile project management, there is a basic skeleton of best practices based on common sense, but the overall management borrows from other methods. Before programming, the team sits down and thinks about the best ways to go about creating the program. From there, the steps are then created. Agile project management focuses more on common sense and versatility, as each program is made according to that software’s particular needs.

At the same time, a fair amount of creative and planning work is needed beforehand. Unlike the other methods, where programmers know exactly what steps to follow, the team has to make the steps before starting anything. However, by following the common sense principles, this often does not take too long, and the project can often take off without major bickering or arguing about what steps would best work with the program.

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Case Studies
Thanks to Cassiopeiatech for developing a dynamic website using .NET and XML, I can personally manage all content of a user group website (NYC Visual Studio User Group) for which I am moderator. The website even synchronizes event content

– David Fletcher (Moderator)
NYC Visual Studio User Group