What is it?

Business Intelligence serves as a tool to use gathered information to arrive at important business decisions, which can directly impact the performance of an organization.

Business Intelligence covers a wide range of applications and technologies that help in gathering, providing access to and analyzing data to aid key business decisions. Our team can provide solutions that make your crude information functional and relevant to your needs. Our solutions can help you in various aspects such as getting unique information or studying patterns over a period of time and predicting future trends. Its most common utility is to get the following information.

  • Competitive position of your organization.
  • Extract underlying buying patterns of your customers with the help of graphic charts, maps and reports.
  • Segregate prospective customers from a lot.
  • Compute and market segments and translate it into meaningful charts.
  • Generate a mailing list of customers based on demographic, geographic and economic status.

Where we can help?

Our BI and Dashboard Application Development Services Include:

  1. Collecting data from various systems of your organization like CRM, MIS and ERP etc.
  2. Interpret the complex data and presenting them into visually appealing and easy-to-understand form using charts, graphs, grids, maps and other graphical media.
  3. Mapping BI solutions to the user specific requirements.
  4. Developing performance centric BI solutions with robust & expandable framework.
  5. Representing same data in multiple graphical views e.g. grid view, chart view etc. and providing drill-down and rollover facilities to expand the view for required set of data
  6. Export data into other formats like Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML etc.
  7. Building BI solutions on your existing technology investments to minimize the development cost and maximize returns.

How do we do it?

Custom Solution Implementation.

Sometimes implementing a packaged solution to meet your organizations unique needs is truly like fitting a round peg into a square hole. Continued competitive advantage in a particular industry can sometimes translate to the processes supported by a home grown application that unfortunately continues to be a challenge to maintain. Customized additions to packaged solutions are frequently required to support established procedures.

For each of these situations, Cassiopeiatech takes a collaborative approach to selecting the appropriate technologies and approach for deploying custom software. Our people apply a proven methodology in concert with detailed, communicative project management to ensure the deployed solution meets the unique needs of the organization.

Our people have developed custom software applications for clients spanning a variety of industries and business needs. From custom CRM solutions and online dashboards to enterprise EAI, our people have experience using all of the latest web technologies and languages to construct a solution fitting into any environment.